Arabic Language

Arabic Language

Arabic Language as international language.

is considered the basic for understanding the Holy Quran and Islamic studies as it is the gate to these sciences. Accordingly, it was a matter of principle to take care of teaching Arabic language and pay more attention to that language.

If we look at a country as large as Nigeria - in terms of population and its local multilingualism, which can reach up to 300 languages - there is a strong demand for learning Arabic; this is because it is closely related to the memorizing of the Holy Quran. Accordingly, we have chosen the best specialized curricula in the teaching of Arabic to non-native speakers, taking into account the educational hierarchy and developmental characteristics of different age levels, and offers Arabic language focusing on the four skills: (talking - listening - reading - writing).

We believe in the role of modern technology in education as it facilitates the educational process for both the teacher and the learner. So that we have transformed the traditional printed curricula into electronic interactive form. This task was performed by a team of specialists in various fields of academics, programmers and designers, using the latest tools and programs; to produce a product of high quality, taking into account the basic standards of language learning, In addition to the interaction between the learner and the presented subject in the e-learning program, so that the learner can interact with the program in a way that develops his/ her language skills.

The curriculum was divided into three stages:

  • Kindergarten: Starting from 3 years up to 6 years.
  • Primary: Starting from 6 to 12 years.
  • Adult stage: starting from age 12 years and older.

Kindergarten stage

The child begins at the age of 3 years studying the letters in an academic year. The curriculum is attractive and interesting, in which the child can review the letter in a short time, whether at school or at home; using mobile or desktop computer, feeling like enjoying studying like a game rather than the traditional system of teaching. During the learning, the child hears cartoon stories, under the title "The Character Story ".

Then the child begins to practice exercises designed specially to test the child's language skills. Taking into account the attraction, the exercises section is under the title "Play and Learn".

In the age of (4-5 years)

In the age of (4-5 years), the child begins to gradually move to a higher level in studying the language, after making sure of his/her proficiency of letters and sounds, and his knowledge of the character’s shape in the word. Also to make shire that the student has a good linguistic skills that qualifies him to start reading, using some specialized rules such as Noor Al Bayan.

As well as the linguistic structures and dialogues, which are presented in the form of info graphic with exercises, taking into account the academic dimension of teaching on-line , so that the student is studying in an interactive learning environment side by side to what was studied at school.

The primary level, starting from 6 to 12 years

The primary level, starting from 6 to 12 years, a suitable curriculum was chosen for this age, taking into account method of presentation of the curriculum and types of exercises. At this age the learner moves from the level of learning letters and words to the level of sentence structure along with learning new vocabulary in a form of a story. This method improves the learner’s skills in reading, understanding, and creating dialogues.

Curriculum in this level is presented in an attractive method to ensure the interaction between the learner and the scientific subject, taking into consideration that the learners are still children.

Elementary curriculum here is a series of info graphics and educational videos, as well as interactive exercises that allow learners to answer by choosing the correct answer or writing a short correct answer.

Adult stage:

starting from age 12 years and older.

At this level, the curriculum is more advanced therefore, it is presented using different educational tools and methods, In order to be compatible with age and educational needs of this age. Teaching Arabic at this level depends on various methods including info graphic, Videos, Live session, As well as providing some texts in power point and pdf form. Emphasizing the presence of attraction while presenting the educational material.

The exercises have received a special attention. They have been shown in a systematic manner to ensure that the learner has mastered what he has studied before, and he/she is ready to the upcoming level.

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