- Who We Are -

Edugate is one of Blue Ribbon Group “BRG” projects. Cairo, Egypt, which specialized in conducting Educational and Management Consulting Services in Nigeria. Blue Ribbon Group “BRG”s general area of expertise is Management and Business Consulting, with a particular specialization in educational organizations and institutions, having over 20 years’ experience in this specialization in various countries (Egypt – Turkey – Nigeria).

Edugate is considered one of BRG commitment to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful platform that guarantees the student outcomes everywhere learning occurs by giving the school a unique and interactive cross curricular that will assist the teachers to deliver truly personalized learning.

Edugate e-learning Module is designed to provide special and unique services for educators. Our Module is offering solution to very important and critical areas in education, which is Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Qur’an in a unique and interactive digital curriculum that was designed to consider the students aged that divided into three categories, "البراعم" Blossoms for students aged 3–6, "الطلائع" Sprouts for students aged 6-12, "الرواد" Pioneers for students aged 12+.

We are developing great minds, to build future character

Our solutions can support your students throughout their educational journey to achieve their potential.

- Edugate e-learning Module is relying on well-designed curriculums that already designed in teachin g arabic as second language, furthermore the the curriculums are considering the age of the students.

- We are passionate about working with educators, that’s why we have a dedicated team who will support your school’s needs every step of the way.

- Edugate e-learning Module is the first specialized project in the field of online teaching of the Arabic language for non-Arabic speakers, Islamic Studies, and Qur’an. Phase one will start with Arabic language in order to guarantee the quality, and phase two will include Islamic Studies and Qur’an.

Our Partnerships

Throughout the years, BRG has developed close partnerships with industry of education to ensure our solutions are the very best to support you and your students. Our partnership service will offer our partners a fully integrated solution that uses a student’s MAP growth assessment results to create individualized student learning paths. This partnership will consider offering providing additional support in lessons using instructional videos to introduce and reinforce new concepts and further understanding. As partner you will have the opportunity to customize your curriculums according to your needs and students learning path.

Where Are We?

Edugate is part of Blue Ribbon Group “BRG” is based in the Nigeria, and connected with headquarter office on Cairo. We have a vision to be a leading digital curriculum identity, which put the educator at the heart of everything they do. We have a mission to offer no number of different solutions that are specifically designed to support educators and students aged 3-18 with achieving successful student outcomes. Edugate International team is based in Egypt with a dedicated team that based in our office located in Abuja, Nigeria. Our international team is ready to travels to support our schools as well as building our relationships with our partners and alliances.

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